Monday, March 9, 2009

Cannoli doc!!!

Here we are with the second annual  FESTA ITALIANA,FESTAITALIANA that Maryann e Mary have hosted for us. The last year I've "brought" a recipe from the Northern Italy - this one - today I'm going South, really South: in Sicily with the wonderful recipe of cannoli.

I got this recipe from a Sicilian friend, Rossella, who's also the soul of a very interesting Italian culinary forum: Pan per focaccia. But no more chatting, here the recipe:



250 gr flour
25 gr. butter/shortening
25 gr. sugar
1 gr. salt
5 gr. cocoa powder
70 gr marsala wine 
1 egg

To make the shells: Mix together the dry ingredients and cut in butter with 2 knives. Add the Marsala and shape the dough into a ball. Wrap tightly in plastic wrap and refrigerate for few hours or overnight.

To make the filling: for every 2 pound of ricotta cheese (preferably sheep ricotta cheese) well drained you'll need 1 pound sugar. Mix the two ingredients and let rest overnight. After this time, strain it and if you want add chocolate chips or candied fruit. Mix well and fill the cannoli shells.

As a good rule you should fill the cannoli at the last moment, before serving them. But in case you want to make them in advance, brush the inside of the shell with melted chocolate, let dry and then fill them.

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