Friday, February 8, 2008

Here I am... again!!!!



Hi everybody!!!

After a full month abroad the Continent I'm finally back. Even though, coming back is always sad and every time harder and harder. It is tough to leave behind the world I grew up in, not knowing when I'm going back.

And at the same time, when I'm there is like I'm an outsider: the children are grown up and they don't recognize me anymore; the adults have more white hair; the neighbors have a different face and  people I've known for long time  smile at me, but I barely remember their name. and still.. my heart is always there!

This time I really saw a lot of friends, I have partied a lot, I've met new friend and, since this blog is about cooking, I had to make big sacrifices and taste a lot of food (the more, the better!!!).

I've also made few new recipes, that I'll post soon, as soon I'll finish to adjourn myself about the news on Internet, on my friends' blogs and on the forum I read everyday.

Thank you for your comments, that I couldn't read by myself because in Italy I don't have Internet; but I have a special friend - Carmen - that has read for me, by phone, everything so I couldn't miss a word!!!!

Talk to you soon, then... with a lot of good recipes and, as usual, with more chatting!!!


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