Sunday, January 6, 2008

Home sweet home

Dear online friends

My baggage are ready. It's time for me to go on vacation. It will be a long one, one whole month. That's why I really would like say goodbye to you, since you keep me company visiting my blog every day, even though in silence, without living any comment.

I'll miss surfing through blogs and websites of my friends, who tell me their stories through their recipes!

During my vacation I won't have the opportunity to connect to Internet, but I'll have all the time to be on a long gastronomic tour and I'll try to make more culinary experiments at my parent's house. And when I'll come back I will have a lot to tell about!

So goodbye and I'll talk to you alter!!!

By the way, this is my destination


Picture 021


The picture has been taken from my house in Italy. The shadow behind the mountain is Napoli below the Mt. Vesuvius.


Tom C said...

Lovely view from your parents house, enjoy the trip and know that Guido is taking care of the cat.


Imma said...

Thank you Tom! You are alway so nice. And hopefully I'll find Guido and the cat on my way home!!!!

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